Converse Collection

About us

Converse Cash-in-Transit (CIT) LLC is one of the leaders in the RA Cash-in-Transit market.

We carry out a fast and safe intake, transport, and delivery of cash every day, without weekends or holidays. The highly-qualified staff is ready to serve with armored cargo vehicles of foreign make directly from the parking lot of given organization. CIT is carried out in the entire territory of the Republic of Armenia and in the Mountainous Karabagh Republic.



  • The type and form of weaponry used by employees of the CIT organization corresponds with the conditions defined by the decision of RA government.
  • The specialized employees of the CIT organization have adequacy of qualification and specialization. They pass examinations of special preparation by the RA law “Regarding Weaponry.”
  • The organization has a cash box and security alarm system meeting the mandatory requirements presented to technical and transportation security and other means used by CIT organizations operating in the territory of the Republic of Armenia, as well as a radio connection with RA police authorized by the government of RA, and a parking lot.
  • The CIT security guard bears a weapon and wears a bulletproof vest during cash-in-transit
  • The vehicles are made armored and correspond with the minimum armor standards defined for vehicles made for the purpose of implementing cash-in-transit and are intended for carrying out cash-in-transit.
  • The vehicles are equipped with such means of connection, which make it possible to contact the CIT organization as well as the territorial precincts of RA police in accord with the government of RA.
  • We have an armored CIT vehicle that is equipped with a radio connection as well as light signals in the form of special audio, moon-white, blinking lighthouses.
  • More than 7 routes.
  • Sport transport.
  • More than 50 customers and 5 bank-partners
  • 55 cash-in-transit locations.

The main services of the organization:

  • Transport of revenue and deposit into the Client’s bank account
  • Transport of cash and change.
  • Transport of means belonging to Clients of Converse Bank CJSC, in bank notes demanded by the Client.
  • Transport of revenue to the safe deposit box of another organization.
  • Transport of other valuables.

Our advantages:

  • Absence of maximum quantity limit for cash being transported.
  • Maximum quantity for cash in transit
  • Complete material responsibility by the organization to the Client from the moment of cash intake by the security guard, in the amount factually received but not more than is mentioned in accompanying documents.
  • Transport of securities and recalculation documents as well as other valuables.
  • Flexible tariff policies for using cash-in-transit as well as Bank services.