Converse Collection

Cooperation with us

Co-operation with us is very easy and effective for you and your organization:

  • Cash-in-transit contract execution in one day.
  • Ability of electronic presentation of contract execution’s claim.
  • Insurance of the entire amount of transported means. As a matter of fact, the CIT organization insures on its part the cash it transports as well as the health of the specialized employees of the CIT organization.
  • The insurance of other values is carried out if desired by Client.

Our tariffs

In case of long-term co-operation, we have a flexible tariff policy.

  • The tariffs are calculated in a boundary of individual tariffs for each Client, depending on the criteria of the rendered service, as well as the amount and volume of calculated/transported monetary cash resources, including the duration of process completion and the location of the items.

Our Clients

  • A wide spectrum of corporate clients
  • Small and medium business organizations
  • Partner-banks

The System of Oversight

  • A strong system of oversight is used during service, the movement of vehicles is overseen.
  • Several versions of delivery of trade revenue, depending on client demands and means.

Our co-operation with Converse Bank

For Converse Bank Clients Converse CIT offers:

  • Converse CIT for the Bank’s individual Clients
  • Opportunity to organize individual projects of service
  • For Converse Bank Clients, the opportunity to implement a cash resources initial order in alternate bills while using the cash resources delivery service
  • Delivery of services within the bounds of a mutual, three-party contract with Converse Bank, which will provide the opportunity to calculate the cash resources in transit toward various districts of RA on the Client’s account

*The relationships of licensure of the delivery of cash-in-transit services in the Republic of Armenia is regulated by the laws “Regarding cash-in-transit,” “Regarding weaponry” and “Regarding Licensure” of the Republic of Armenia in the given order and other legislative acts.